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The GenealogyPays Trivia Puzzle

Genealogy Puzzle - Start
Genealogy Puzzle
Genealogy Puzzle - Getting Closer
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Genealogy Puzzle - Revealed

The Online Challenge is Fun & Interactive!
Welcome to the Online Challenge by! Our official launch was on Sunday, 01 July 2007. If you enjoy puzzles and trivia nearly as much as you enjoy genealogy, then this may be the perfect chance for you to combine your interests and win up to $30,000 for solving our trivia puzzle.

Our checkered grid (called a PixelAd Grid) is made of small squares, each measuring 10x10 pixels. Underneath the PixelAd Grid is a picture puzzle known as a rebus. Picture puzzles have been featured on television game shows, the inside of bottle caps, and have been appearing elsewhere for more than a century (including on family crests). As each box is removed from our grid by the placement of a sponsors PixelAd, more of the hidden puzzle is revealed — that's where you come in.

Solve the puzzle and win up to $30,000!

How and when are boxes revealed?
In the scaled-down example at left, several sponsors appear on our sample PixelAd Grid. As each PixelAd is sold, the corresponding boxes underneath are also revealed to those competing for our prize (no purchase necessary).

Slide Mouse Over Image at Left Slide your mouse over the box at left and you will see how the ads disappear to reveal the corresponding clues hidden underneath.

We don't control the timing or speed with which our puzzle pieces are revealed, our advertisers do. As more ads are sold, more puzzle pieces are revealed — it's really that simple. You can help speed things along by sharing details of our unique online promotion with others. If you own a business or have a Web site, increase your online exposure — buy a PixelAd today!

Half-way there — Can you solve this puzzle?
In the sample at left, more than half the boxes have been removed revealing puzzle pieces once hidden underneath. Can you solve our sample puzzle yet?
The closer we get to selling our entire inventory of PixelAds, the easier it will be for someone to solve our PixelAd Trivia Puzzle. The puzzle itself will pose a genealogy-related trivia question — the first qualified entry to provide the winning answer will win our cash prize and will name the society to receive the matching award!

View elements of our full-sized puzzle
which began Sunday, 01 July 2007.

Can individuals buy PixelAds?
Anyone over the age of eighteen (18) can purchase a PixelAd, but no purchase is required to submit an entry to our contest. Some ideas include:
     • Companies with genealogy products or services
     • Companies offering supplies used by family historians
     • Genealogy, history, and lineage societies
     • Individuals hosting surname-specific Web sites
     • DNA Surname Projects

And the answer is . . .
You may have solved this puzzle half way up the page, but in case you want to check your answer, the sample puzzle which appears almost fully visible at left represents the familiar phrase:

Strike while the iron's hot

This was just a sample picture puzzle to demonstrate how the game works. Our final puzzle will pose a genealogy-related trivia question. You must first solve the puzzle to determine the question, then solve the question to win!

Click image at Left Click on the image at left to view full-size and learn more about these fun and interactive Trivia Puzzles!

Genealogy Trivia Puzzle
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