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Genealogy Prize Money

We're Giving Away up to $30,000 — No Purchase Necessary!

YES — It's as simple as it sounds! Win Cash - Sign Up Today!
As genealogists, we often spend years following clues to solve puzzles. This time you can turn that hunt into cash — think of it as a reward from your ancestors for uncovering their stories and keeping their memory alive!
As our advertising sponsors purchase more PixelAds, we reveal the corresponding pieces to our trivia puzzle. The larger the ads, the larger the visible clues. The faster the PixelAd Grid fills up with advertising sponsors, the faster our trivia question will be revealed.

The first qualified entry to submit a correct answer will receive a cash prize that can be as much as $15,000 (payable in U.S. Dollars). What's even better is we'll match that payout to a genealogy society of the winners choice bringing our total payout to as much as $30,000. Since it is possible for our puzzle to be solved before all PixelAds are sold, we can't know for sure the exact timing or dollar value of the final prize.

It Pays to Love Genealogy! Genealogy Societies Win Too!
Many genealogy societies worldwide are currently evaluating preservation and digitization projects to share their holdings with a worldwide audience via the Internet. The only thing holding many of these projects back is the funding to see the plan put into action. Our contest is designed to help — and we have our sponsors to thank. Without their advertising support, this would not be possible. If you are active in a local organization, learn about the free benefits for clubs and societies.

How can we do this?
There are a total of 8,649 blocks on our grid (93 blocks wide by 93 blocks tall). If 100% of the available blocks are sold as Basic PixelAds when the winning entry is verified, then the cash prize payout will be $30,000! If a winning entry is received with just half the puzzle revealed, the cash payout would be adjusted downward based on the number of actual ads sold. Our sponsors benefit by promoting their genealogy offering throughout the duration of our contest to a qualified audience of family history enthusiasts. Our site will be your jumping-off point for all things relating to genealogy!

No Purchase Necessary
This is a game of smarts, not a game of chance. The better you are at solving puzzles, the better qualified you are to win our grand prize! If you belong to one or more genealogical societies, consider sharing news of our site with your fellow members, as well as with your favorite genealogy vendors. Depending upon the size and type of PixelAd a vendor may purchase, it might just reveal the final clue enabling you to solve the puzzle and collect our prize.

Register Today to Plan & Win Cash!

To submit an entry, all contestants must be registered users of this site. We encourage all genealogists — beginner to advanced — to register and to share news of this site with others. The sooner we can achieve one million users, the sooner our sponsor support will enable us to run more frequent contests. Our goal is to have one grand prize challenge each year, but to run smaller cash-based contests each month. All our payouts will include a split component — half going to the individual solving our puzzle, the other half going to an incorporated genealogical or historical society of their choice!

Registration is completely free and we will not sell, trade or otherwise disclose your personal contact information with anyone.

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